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Sales Representative Covering the Whole South America- “Quality-guaranteed” Latam Fastener Solutions

     Latam Fastener Solutions is a specialized company located in the economic heart of South America with its location in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The CEO, Leandro Lopes, has background in international business, a MBA in business and a technical diploma in Mechanics. Leandro started his career in the fastener market in 2004 working for a representation office. Later he founded Latam at the beginning of 2018 after several requests from potential customers and suppliers asking for a new specialized player in the market, as the options were very limited for old companies with technical and commercial limitations.

Representative of Top-performing Fastener-related Tools and Machines from Spain, USA, and Taiwan

     Today, Latam is already one of the biggest companies in South America thanks to its close interaction with customers and potential customers. It represents some of the globally recognized and renowned suppliers from Spain (Temsa and Heroslam), USA (RMG FELM and RTM Products), Taiwan (Accuvision, Sheng Kuo and Valo International). “With all these strategically located suppliers, we are able to supply to the entire market of South America. We have tools like pins, punches, dies, fillers, fingers, flat thread rolling dies, rolling dies, and a wide range of machines like wire drawing machines, straighteners, cold headers, thread rolling machines, tapping machines, sorting machines, concentricity gages, auxiliary equipment and packing machines,” said the CEO of Latam.

Open for Collaboration with More Suppliers

     “We choose only premium international suppliers who work exclusively with sales representatives, ” the CEO continued, “The criteria is based on quality and innovation. Additionally, the market is moving towards open-minded suppliers who hear and understand what the customer needs.” Besides the current suppliers, the CEO said “we are always open for new suppliers who do not compete with the lines of supply which we already have with our partners. Now, we are looking for a strong partner from Europe, USA or Japan who supplies high-tech cold headers.”

Future is Bright for Latam in 2019

     Latam attends to the market through direct import by the customers, so the customers buy in accordance to their demand. With flexibility, cost benefits and an open mind to hear all customer requirements as the biggest corporate strengths, Latam is looking to enlarge business with existing customers, develop new customers, and participate in exhibitions and trade missions in the 2nd half of 2019. With more than 15 years of experience in the market, the CEO continues to lead Latam Fastener to offer the best solutions in accordance to customer needs.

Latam’s contact: Leandro Lopes, CEO
E-mail: vendas@latamfastener.com

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