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Homeease- Go with the flow, you’ll find the best gluing solution

Design, Innovation & Commitment

     Good design and quality ensure that Homeease glue guns are with stable product performance and are different from other similar cheap ones on the market. Backed by its R&D team and in order to satisfy different potential market requirements, Homeease has been developing creative hot melt applicators and glue guns with different power ranges from 10W, 20W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W and up to higher wattage for 40 years. Hardware stores, DIY/craft shops, school/stationery supplies, professional works can select from their suitable glue guns and get good offer from Homeease, no matter how small or big the sizes of the requested products are.

Customization and Expanded Product Range

     Homeease R&D team also handles OEM and ODM projects, and therefore, customized glue guns are available from Homeease. Homeease’s engineering capacity offers active engineering feedback, private tooling house, 3-D molding machines, design discussion, technical consultation, product suggestions, etc. Starting in 2000, Homeease expanded its product range to more industrial glue guns, which include industrial glue gun (200~300W) and heavy range (400~600W). Its ISO 9001:2015 factory is equipped with automated machines, ensuring stability, reliability, and prompt delivery of its products.

Worldwide Recognition

     Homeease glue guns have been patented worldwide and their safety has been also globally approved (e.g., TÜV/GS, CE, UL, CSA, KC, INMETRO, and PSE). Hot melt glue guns working with 7.5mm, 11.5mm, 15mm or 18mm diameter glue sticks are available from Homeease! Motorized glue guns, spray type glue guns & battery glue guns are newly developed and launched to the market recently. The world’s first motor-driven glue gun with maximum output makes non-stopping glue application not a dream anymore. Continuous feeding of motorized glue gun increases work productivity and can be a new option for large-area bonding or factory production, even to replace small glue tank systems.

Contact: Adeline Huang


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