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FMWT CO., LTD.- The All-New Auto Control Sludge Discharging & Oil Recycling Machine

The model patented in several countries allows longer machine service life and more stable quality.

     With the increasing concern about environmental protection, manufacturers not only have to attach importance to quality, but also need to share the social responsibility for the Nature. For more than a decade, Mr. Hsiang Wu, the president of FMWT has been dedicated himself to the experiments and improvements of AUTOMATIC SLUDGE SEPARATOR and has successfully developed the all-new AUTOMATIC SLUDGE SEPARATOR, which has been patented in several countries (China and Taiwan for example). President Wu is also planning to organize his sales teams in Vietnam and Thailand in order to promote this latest eco-friendly tool to global users.

The Best Solution to In-House Environmental Protection Issues

     President Wu gave an example and said, “The oil running through machines is like the blood running in human bodies. If too many impurities existing in the oil, the yield rate of products will be down and the service life of machines will be reduced.” As a result, it is strongly suggested that oil be replaced and machines be cleansed regularly in order to consolidate stable quality and extend the service life of machines. When many leading companies and governments start to set stricter requirements due to environmental protection reasons, companies using this machine cannot only elevate their quality and reduce costs, but also earn themselves a positive image of being a company fulfilling social responsibilities.

Positive Users’ Testimonies That Have Helped Broadened the Customer Base

     A precision parts manufacturer using the AUTOMATIC SLUDGE SEPARATOR said that the first and most significant result is the clean factory floor and the second one is the significantly dropping malfunction rate of machines, which require only periodic maintenance, thus greatly reducing the replacement rate. More stable product quality also reduces the variance that will influence the yield rate. Accordingly, the company also introduced other manufacturers vexed at similar problems to use the machine. Another machine manufacturer even contacted President Wu for co-developing a type of machine without the need to discharge sludge and which will activate cleansing periodically, making it a so-called “green” machine.

Automatically Improving the Manufacturing Environment, Increasing Quality and Saving Costs

     After the machine is installed and the periodical cleansing time is configured, the machine will automatically process the sludge and fragments in waste oil simultaneously and recycle around 70% of the used oil. The discharging procedure is completely automatic, which cannot only reduce waste, the use of oil, labor cost, but can be also used on manufacturing equipment that will produce waste oil. It is light in weight, features high mobility, and can be used on more than one machine at a time. The machine separates sludge based on physical theorems, so it does not need any consumables for replacement.

     Continuous innovation and release of improved products compliant with industrial upgrade policies have been always the core ideas of President Wu. Currently, he is also continuously developing new products and hopes to release the multi-function machines that can solve all manufacturing site problems at a time in the future. FMWT helps traditional industries solve their difficulties, advocates spontaneous effort to achieve environmental protection and will be working with everyone to make contributions to protect the environment.

Contact: Mr. Hsiang Wu, president


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