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LINKWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. One-stop Service, Global Support

     Established 42 years ago, Linkwell Industry Co., Ltd. (“Linkwell”) has been sticking to the core business management principles of honesty and reciprocal benefits in order to create mutual prosperity. Initially incepted as a trader, Linkwell has nowadays expanded into a company with overseas branches in China (FASTWELL), Malaysia (WELL-UNION), Indonesia (PT BATAM WELL), and Vietnam (VIET-SCREW) as well as a factory (SUNNY HILL) located at Gangshan, Kaohsiung, which altogether provide a more complete range of service to global customers.

A Complete Range of Fasteners on Demand, a Large Proportion of Which are of High Added Value

     Linkwell manufactures drywall screws, chipboard screws, self-drilling screws, machine screws, thread tapping screws, concrete screws, coach screws and customized screws. Its WELL-UNION and PT BATAM WELL specialize in screws made from stainless steel, while SUNNY HILL, VIET-SCREW and FASTWELL specialize in products made from carbon steel. All products of the Linkwell Group have been gradually added with more customized features in order to generate higher added value and economically realize better performance.

A Wider Service Range and an A2LA Accredited Laboratory

     WELL-UNION, PT BATAM WELL, and VIET-SCREW are all equipped with capabilities for wire drawing, heading, threading, heat treating, surface treatment and packaging as per customer’s request. Furthermore, Linkwell has been also dedicated to the production of bi-metal products in order to offer more available choices for customers’ product demands. In terms of quality control, Linkwell’s laboratory in Kaohsiung has been also A2LA accredited, enabling the Group to offer products with higher guaranteed quality.

Production in Multiple Countries and 100% Trustable Consistent Quality

     With a strong ability for trade, the Linkwell Group is a supplier of all sorts of bolts, screws and nuts. The support from self-owned factories and long-term associate partners both help keep the sustainable growth of Linkwell. Linkwell’s customers come from Europe, America, the Middle East, India, New Zealand & Australia, Asia in general. It has been in more than 4 decades of collaboration with several customers, associate suppliers, and employees, which are based on Linkwell’s two major strengths- i.e. Stability and Reliability. Moving forward, Linkwell will continue to make the most of its advantages of Stability and Reliability to realize a mutually beneficial and prosperous future.

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