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Magtech Magnetic Products Corp.-Magnetic Tools R&D & Manufacture

     With numerous self-developed magnetic tools, Magtech recently successfully developed magnetic gears which utilize magnetic force for transmission. Different from conventional chain transmission, the magnetic gear has the following features: Non-contact, noise-free, powder-free, not generating static electricity, reduced space, etc. The new product under development called “maglev equipment” features adjustment of carried weight, no risk of chain rupture, silent operation, among others that are worth the expectation from worldwide.

     Mr. Philip C. L. Chen, President of Magtech, shared an experience in developing customized products, “One of our customers wanted to make liquid magnets but was not familiar with the characteristics of magnetic materials, so he turned to us to help him develop a product called ‘magnetic filter’ for improving the manufacturing process of liquid magnets. We have gone through numerous tests and adjustments and finally accomplished the magnetic filter, not only improving product yield but also remarkably increasing production speed!”

     Magtech manufactures permanent magnets, magnetic applied tools and magnetic healthcare products, and expands into many customized derivatives made with Neodymium magnets and Ferrite magnets. Neodymium magnet is the magnetically strongest one among all magnetic materials and is widely used in miniature products such as DC brushless motors, magnetic tools, pumps and other devices. Ferrite (Ceramic) magnet currently has the largest demand from the market and the widest range of application including speakers, motors, submersible pumps and magnetic couplings.

     For Magtech‘s magnetic applied tools, magnets of different materials are customized into magnetic products or tools depending on their usage. They are available with surface magnetic forces from hundreds to 15,000 gauss and are used in industries such as hardware, medicine production, plastic, food, chemical, transportation equipment, etc. These tools are an inseparable part for various industries. With continuous improvement in magnetic properties, magnets are not only widely used in various fields of the manufacturing industry, but also in medical instruments and medical health care products.

Magtech's contact: Ms. Rosalin Chou


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