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Dedicated to Technical Innovation & Headed for the World Market- JHIH-SYUN ENTERPRISE

     Specialized in stamped parts and deep-drawn parts, Jhih-Syun Enterprise founded in 2009 moved to a new plant site this February. The new plant with a total area of 1,983 sq. m and 30 sets of machines is a 495 sq. m expansion from the previous plant. Jhih-Syun Enterprise’s products are available in copper, aluminum, steel plate related materials, stainless steel, and also titanium alloy and special steels used by high-end industries.

Dual Technology: Deep Drawing & Stamping

     The CEO of the stamped parts plant said Jhih-Syun Enterprise can produce various kinds of irregular deep-drawn parts and has an intimate knowledge of the technical know-how to prevent cracks during the production. The company has literally exceeded the technical threshold and is closely level with the American and European standards. Besides deepdrawn parts, the company manufactures fixture-type fasteners. Jhih-Syun Enterprise’s deep-drawn parts and stamped parts are supplied to a large array of industries, including motor vehicles, industrial sector, medical, construction, American and European tableware, and electronic parts. The company can produce almost any standard or special parts you can possibly think of.

Strong R&D Momentum & One-Stop Production

     With a background in molds, Jhih-Syun Enterprise has had 20 years of experience since its inception and its mold technical level has exceeded the previous generation. Jhih-Syun Enterprise started off as an original equipment manufacturer in early years. Today, the company can provide original equipment manufacturing of semi-finished products, finished products and customized products. Its strong R&D momentum is deeply nourished from numerous years of experience. It has the technology to develop molds and therefore it can offer one-stop production starting from mold making to the final shipment. With the capability to produce finished products in one stop, it can deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Embracing the World Market & Global Purchase Orders

     The plant CEO said that the company equipped with the technology and machines can take a large amount of orders and sell products to every part of the world. Additionally, the CEO said “Now we very much welcome customers from Southeast Asia and other emerging markets. Certainly, we also sincerely welcome global clients to send their inquires to Jhih-Syun Enterprise!”

Contact: Ms. Peggy Kung


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