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Ing-Hwei Releases Extra Long Double Flexible Wrench Compliant with German DIN Standards

     With more than 40 years of company history, Ing-Hwei was once a manufacturer of DIY hand tools. However, the drastic market change 20 years ago forced Ing-Hwei to determine to devote itself to manufacturing specialty tools and continue to focus on the R&D of double sockets wrenches and punches. With the investment of efforts and capital, Ing-Hwei is now able to offer a complete range of products and continue the improvements in tools which all users could feel satisfied with.

     Having its products compliant with German DIN standards and continuously improving the quality of its specialty tools, Ing-Hwei has nowadays been widely recognized by the aftermarket in Europe and exports products throughout the world. Its products are made of chrome-vanadium steel featuring high strength, tenacity and anti-wearing. Its manufacturing procedures are strictly monitored and controlled and requirements are followed at every step. “Our hand tools are manufactured according to the standards of every manufacturing procedure. As we insist on offering high quality products, we can thus stand out on the market!” According to Ing-Hwei, being professional and offering high quality are two principles Ing-Hwei has been always adhering to and this is why Ing-Hwei can still be unbeatable on the ever-changing market.

     Other than making its product line more complete, Ing-Hwei is also a very good listener to the demand of end-users and will do its best to develop products with more surprising design that best fit users’ demand. As a result, Ing-Hwei has recently released a new extra long double flexible wrench (30% longer than general wrenches), which is good news to applications in deep and confined areas. In addition, it has also developed a new handle which can be assembled with various heads of hand tools, making operation easier and reducing the need to bring large-size tools in applications.

     Ing-Hwei’s double flexible wrenches are available in various sizes and the sockets at both ends are adjustable, making operation easier. According to Ing-Hwei, “The current market is still price-oriented, but we will strive to go toward the development and design that are of higher added value and more ergonomic.”

Contact: Mr. An-Szu Chen (Andy)
Contacto: Sr. An-Szu Chen (Andy)

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