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HEY YO TECHNOLOGY- A Professional Dowel Pin Manufacturer That Makes Zero Inventory and Continuous Supply Service a Reality

Tiny Dowel Pins Processed with Specialized Machines

     Hey Yo is capable of offering dowel pins in diameters of 0.6mm4mm and in lengths of 2mm-45mm, and is able to manufacture dowel pins compliant with ISO 2338, ISO 8734 and DIN 6325 ext standards, which are made of SUJ2, SUS303, SUS420 and C3604. Its monthly capacity reaches more than 5 million pcs (depending on which type of material is going to be processed). The specialized machine for manufacturing dowel pins, if compared to other general CNC machining machines, shows better capacity, less material consumption, higher stability and cheaper prices.

     High precision is required in manufacturing dowel pins, so Hey Yo Technology adopts automated grinding equipment to enhance stability, allowing the precision of the outer diameter to reach up to 0.003mm and the Surface Roughness to reach below Ra0.1. President Gary Chang said, “Quality is like an entry ticket to the international market and Hey Yo has whatever it requires in testing the quality of dowel pins, such as 2.5D CMM, Surface Roughness Tester, Roughness Measurement Machine, Straightness Tester and Rockwell Hardness Tester, and can provide the most complete testing reports.

All-inclusive Inventory, Quick Delivery, and Offering the Best Solutions

     As dowel pins are mostly used for assembly, Hey Yo cares very much about effective communication to avoid being self-minded and misunderstanding in design. Its final goal is to offer customers products with a high cost-performance value and at affordable prices to satisfy customers’ requests. Hey Yo can offer inventory and batchby-batch delivery service to satisfy customers’ annual normal demand, helping customers achieve the goal of zero inventory and continuous supply. It also has sufficient SUJ2 dowel pin in stock (specifications: M2~M12 in diameters and 4-40mm in lengths). The normal inventory of Hey Yo can satisfy customers’ demand for various products in low volumes. It does not set the minimum order volume and always offers affordable prices and quick delivery service, greatly enhancing the convenience of purchasing and availability to customers.

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