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Y.H Caster- The Developer Designated by Japanese White Goods Makers

     Bearings play an important role for casters and affect the load and the capability of smooth rolling. Y.H started its business with bearings. In the design process, the company opts for suitable bearings depending on usage and loading capacity to raise the cost-performance ratio for its products. It adheres to the quality of bearings, choosing non-toxic plastic materials compliant to environmental protection regulations to improve wear resistance and product life. It uses Grade-A steel plates from China Steel Corp. and eco-friendly trivalent electroplating which reduces the impact on human bodies and environment and complies with the environmental protection regulations in the U.S. and Europe. This enables the company to smoothly export to the American and European clients.

     The purchasing and production control department strictly monitors the quality of production starting from material purchase. Regular product checks are conducted during production to ensure the specifications comply with standards. The parts outsourced for processing are later checked to further ensure stable quality. Each procedure of manufacture is compliant to the standard process regulated in ISO 9001 to win clients’ trust for stable quality. Y.H’s profession and its success in quality have earned the trust from Panasonic in Japan which designated Y.H as a collaborative supplier.

     “We continue to develop more convenient, burden-less, efficient products that resolve work dilemma and save time and space.” CEO Mr. Wei-Yi Lin said his company has the know-how and people for mold development and therefore it can correspond caster customization and development to the latest changes on the market in terms of clients’ demand and target of use. Y.H patiently listens to clients’ demand and earnestly communicates with clients, and informs clients of product information, demonstrating proficiency in casters. Y.H purchases automated and semi-automated equipment to increase capacity. With a monthly capacity of 2 million casters, the company hopes to offer clients their desired products in the shortest possible time.

     “Our products represent not only quality but also confidence and assurance and genuinely help the industry improve work efficiency and create a win-win.”

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