China’s Fastener Export to the U.S. Shows a 26% Drop in First 4 Months

     In the first 4 months of 2019, China exported 225,480 tons of fasteners to the U.S., which is a significant drop of 26% if compared to its record last year. The avg. fastener export value of China was USD 1.86 per kg (+6.29% from last year). Influenced by the additional 25% tariff (which was originally 10% before Jan. 2019) U.S. Government imposed against China, China’s fastener export to the U.S. last Nov. shows a short-term skyrocketing rise, which has resulted in an excessive inventory level in the U.S. fastener industry. However, China’s fastener export to the U.S. started to decline after Dec. 2018 and still shows no sign of turnaround at the moment.

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