Trump: The US$ 325 bn Worth of Goods Originating in China May Still be Imposed with Extra Tariffs

According to foreign news, on the G20 Summit held in Osaka (Japan), U.S. President Donald Trump once agreed to suspend the imposition of possible extra tariffs against the US$ 325 bn worth of Chinese goods imported into the U.S. and China agreed to make a large amount of purchase of U.S. agricultural products in return.   However, the seemingly smooth result is very likely to be overturned when China failed to realize its promise over the purchase of a great amount of U.S. agricultural products.
     Trump noted in a Cabinet meeting a few days ago that the trade war between the U.S. and China is not going to end soon and if the U.S. has to impose the extra tariffs against the US$325 bn worth of Chinese goods imported into the U.S., it will. Trump also added that his friendship with President Xi has been not as close as it was before.
     It is known that U.S. trade representatives are still in negotiations with the representatives from China. The trade war between these two countries seems not to come to an end in the short run.

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