Taiwan Cheng Shiu University Introduces Ching Chan Equipment for High Value Added Fastener Research This July

     Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (Ching Chan) has recently helped Taiwan Cheng Shiu University (CSU) establish a smart production line for high value added fasteners with an educational purpose. This educational production line incorporates unmanned delivery, high-speed threading, precision optical sorting and real-time monitoring systems, effectively reducing the demand for labor force and accelerating manufacturing efficiency at all times. The celebrating ceremony for this production line is going to take place July 5th (local time 14:00) at Cheng Shiu University in Kaohsiung. For more info about participating in the ceremony, please contact Ms. Lin of Ching Chan (tel: +886-7-6937937#316) or Ms. Guo of CSU (tel: +886-7-7313945#1010).

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