MiTek Releases Its New ProSeries™ “WSTS Truss/Stud Screw”

MiTek USA announced that it has released a new ProSeries™ fastener. The new ProSeries™ “WSTS Truss/Stud Screw” provides uplift resistance and lateral load resistance for the following connections: Truss-to-top-plate; rafter-to-top-plate; top-plate-to-stud; stud-to-bottom-plate.


The WSTS Truss/Stud Screw is tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC233 and AC13, and meets 2015 and 2018 IRC and IBC code requirements.


The WSTS Truss/Stud Screw offers a “reverse thread angle” on opposite ends of the screw for greater resistance to withdrawal.


The WSTS Truss/Stud Screw is fully threaded along its length for installation flexibility. The head of the screw is designed to countersink when driven, so the screw is taken out of the way of finishing materials like drywall and trim. A Type-17 screw point engages the wood quickly for easier starting and driving of the screw.


The WSTS Truss/Stud Screw package includes an installation angle tool that makes proper installations easier. The installation angle tool is also removable so the bit can be used with or without the device.


The screw comes in two lengths: 4½ inch length for stud-to-bottom plate connections, and 6 inch length for connections through the double top plate.

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