2019 Bolt Fastening Session

Organizer: Asia Technical Services (ATS)

Co-organizer: Fastener World Inc.

Lecturer: Mr. Christoph Otto


by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World


The well-known length and torque calibration laboratory in Taiwan as well as sales agent of SCHATZ (KISTLER Remscheid)/microGLEIT/Dörken/SCHLAGER/n-gineric/IAC – Asia Technical Services, collaborated with the globally know fasteners & hardware industry marketing and promotion platform – Fastener World Magazine to organize the 2019 Bolt Fastening Session respectively held at Taipung Suites on June 3rd and the HQ of Chinese Society for Quality (Taipei) on June 4th. 


During the session, Mr. Christoph Otto, who’s got more than 30 years of experience in practices of fastener engineering and who after retirement once helped German leading car manufacturers train their bolt assembly technicians, was invited to lecture on MBN 10544 Testing of Torque/Clamp Force Behavior, Testing of Adhesive Coating DIN 267-27, and Troubles During and After Tightening. In addition to the enthusiastic attendance at the session in Taipei, the number of attendees in Tainan was also more than expected. Nearly 200 attendees in total were present at the two sessions, fully demonstrating the ambition of domestic companies to try their best to comply with requirements of car manufacturers in order to win over overseas orders. Representatives of local branches of German and Italian leading distributor or manufacturer also attended the session in Tainan. Interpreted by General Manager Celia Lee, Manager Michael Wu and Technical Executive Dennis Huang, the 3-hour long session made all attendees learn more about the practices of bolt fastening and have them realized in their manufacturing.   


Having been acquainted with ATS General Manager Celia Lee for 3 decades, Fastener World Magazine President William Liao said in his opening speech, “The testing service and capabilities of ATS have been widely recognized by the industry for so long, and inviting Mr. Otto, who is one of the few experts in Europe with experience in practices of bolt fastening this time was a very good opportunity to Taiwanese industries . I hope that this session could bring more benefits to Taiwan fastener industry.”  


Manager Michael Wu said, “By giving the session, I hope to make all attendees know what are exactly required by their customers and what they actually mean behind the words. Taiwan is a small country with many valuable industries. As a result, we have to be brave enough to see and embrace the whole world.”


General Manager Celia Lee also added, “Taiwan fastener industry is facing lots of issues ahead, but oftentimes lacks of opportunities to regularly get in touch with car manufacturers, so the 2-day session is meant to remind fasteners and coating companies of taking every customer’s request seriously, as it is their responsibility, just like we take our inspection service as our responsibility, which is extremely important! Finally, should any company has a demand for certain equipment, hopefully you can contact ATS to make your and our companies grow and make progress together.”     



Asia Technical Services (ATS) Profile

Established in 1976, Asia Technical Services (ATS) is an independent third-party inspection company, providing inspection and calibration service and representing SCHATZ/microGLEIT/Dörken/SCHLAGER/n-gineric/IAC in Taiwan. Its length calibration laboratory and torque calibration laboratory were respectively approved by TAF(CNLA) in 1995 and 1999. These two laboratories were combined into a TAF 0123 certified laboratory in 2009. Its length calibration laboratory was the first certified laboratory in Taiwan for thread ring gauges. It also co-established with German SCHATZ the torque calibration laboratory. German SCHATZ has been officially renamed KISTLER Remscheid. With the advantages of the Group’s resources, ATS hopes to provide customers with more complete and full-range service.

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