China to Impose Additional Tariffs Against Goods Imported from USA

The U.S. Government announced on May 9th that it has determined to impose a 25% additional tariff against US$ 200 billion worth of goods imported from China effective May 10th (the original tariff was 10%0. China then responded that such an act from the U.S. resulted in the increasing tension between both countries and was against the original consensus reached between China and USA to solve trade disputes via negotiations. China also added that such an act will not do any good to both sides and is not what the international community is generally expected. Accordingly, The Tariffs Regulations Committee of PRC’s State Council has determined to impose the additional tariffs against certain goods imported from the U.S. effective June 1st, 2019.  
Below are products relevant to fasteners and tools involved in the list:
Items subject to the 25% additional tariff:  73181200 Other Wood Screws, 82042000 Interchangeable socket wrenches
Items subject to the 20% additional tariff: 73181400 Self-tapping Screws, 73181590 Other Screws and Bolts, 73182100 Spring Washers and Other Self-Locking Washers, 73182300 Rivets, 82041100 Hand Operated Spanners and Wrenches
Items subject to the 10% additional tariff: 73181100 Coach Screws of Iron or Steel, 73181300 Screw Hooks and Screw Rings of Iron or Steel, 73181510 Screws and Bolts Having Tensile Strength Equal or More Than 800 MPa With or Without Nuts or Washers, 73181600 Nuts, 73181900 Threaded Articles of Iron or Steel, n.e.s., 73182200 Other Washers, 73182400 Pins and Cotter Pins, 73182900 Other Non-Threaded Articles, 82041200 Adjustable Hand-Operated Spanners and Wrenches, 82051000 Hand-Operated Drilling, Threading or Tapping Hand Tools, 82055100 Household Hand Tools, Non-Mechanical, With Working Parts of Base Metal, n.e.s., 82055900 Other Hand Tools, 82059000 Hand Tool Sets

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