TR Fastenings Showcases Range of Specially Engineered Security Components

International specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial and Cat C fasteners, TR Fastenings (TR), is proud to be able to support a wide variety of sectors with its range of specialist security fasteners, engineered to prevent theft, deter vandalism and boost health and safety.


The security fastener range complements TR’s wider catalogue of industrial fastenings and can be used alongside or instead of standard parts. The security fasteners have added features to ensure that the products and their enclosed components cannot be tampered with or become loose, causing damage or injury. They also ensure that the components within the enclosed structures cannot be removed, other than by a specially trained technician with bespoke tools.


Design features of security fasteners include:

Unusual shapes to prevent tampering, requiring non-standard drives such as 2-hole pig-nosed fittings

Tapered diameters, resistant to gripping devices

Increased fictional resistance within the bolt, limiting rotation and making it more difficult for the part to be loosened

Aesthetic features such as shear torques and smooth finishes mean that these fasteners can be ultra-secure whilst also looking good: an important consideration when used in high-end and luxury environments

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