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Quick Delivery! The Expert in Precision S.S. Screws - Ably Screw Ltd.

by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World

Ably Screw is a company with a full knowledge of electronic screws demanded by many of the fast growing Taiwanese industries. As Ably Screw realizes the growing market demand, it then extended its products portfolio to cover M1.4-1.7 small screws and tries to supply customers ready-to-ship products and offer quick delivery service. Moreover, in order to further improve its technology of electronic screws, Ably Screw and its in-house technicians also devote themselves to R&D and technique enhancement. Looking forward, it is also planning to dedicate themselves to the R&D of Micrometer Screws (M1.0-M1.2).

Efficient and Innovative with the Ability to Customize Special Screws as Per Request
Ably Screw is well-known for its quick delivery of samples and the ability to develop innovative products, both of which make it the best supporter to customers eager to seek for high efficiency and innovation on the fast-changing market. Always considering customers’ profit priority, Ably Screw is able to manufacture a diverse range of complicate products in low volumes as per customer’s request. Thus far, it has successfully manufactured for customers many customized products, such as special SEM washers (DIN6900 Z4-Z1), small PT threaded screws, and electronic screws. It offers a comprehensive range of various precision and SEM screws in stock.
Ably Screw, which is confident of its quick delivery and excellent technique, was once requested by a customer to manufacture a type of screw covering three processes, through cold forging, slotting and turning and ship the sample within 30 days. Facing the increasing demand for customization, Ably Screw continues to improve its technology and knowledge and help customers create more competitive products.

Double International Certification and Strict Quality Control
Being fastidious about quality management, Ably Screw is not only approved to ISO9001:2015 and EN-CE 14592, but also adopts strict quality control in different processes (including first-sample inspection, in-process inspection and finished products inspection) and stores data into a computer system for future traceability. In addition, Ably Screw calibrates its instruments periodically and has increased more inspection instruments, such as Penetration Gage PHIL #0, Torx-T3~T6, etc.

Saving Time for Customers and a Wide Range of Product Applications
Currently Ably Screw sells 80% of its products to Taiwan, 15% to Europe and the rest of 5% to America & Other Regions, and most of the products sold are S.S. screws. Ably Screw’s products are widely used in various applications, such as public construction and different fastening technology. In addition to standard products, Ably Screw can also manufacture customized reinforced-torque screws (A4-80S.S.) and relevant others with anti-corrosion coatings. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, Ably Screw has confidence in satisfying all customers’ requests.
Besides the industries it gets involved in, Ably Screw also expects to develop fasteners for more different industries. It is now planning to launch the R&D projects for small SEM screws (M2 & M2.5) and PT screws (M1.6-M2) in anticipation of create value for more industries. Flexible processes scheduling and lead times for customized S.S. screws within around 30 to 40 days enable Ably Screw to create more strengths for customers. 

Contact: Allan Dai


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