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VIET-SCREW COMPANY -- Integrates Linkwell’s Manufacturing Supply Chain in Southeast Asia Corresponding to Global Fastener Demand

Linkwell Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1977 and upholding the corporate mission statement of “Active Service and Concern to Satisfy All Customers’ Requests,” has been in business for more than 4 decades. In addition to the headquarters in Taiwan, Linkwell has also set up its overseas manufacturing bases in Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia, making the company grow continuously. In 2017, the newly added Viet-Screw Company of the Linkwell Group was also established and is now put into operation.

With the Addition of Viet-Screw Company, Linkwell’s Supply Chain Has Become More Complete
 “I’m very thankful to the effort of our colleagues. Without them, Linkwell couldn’t have been so successful today,” President Kosky Yen said in the company’s year-end gala last year. The completion and operation of Viet-Screw has led Linkwell to another new milestone. Located in Binh Duong Province (Vietnam), Viet-Screw spans the area of 32,000 sqm with the total capacity of 600 metric tons per month and has a fully complete manufacturing line from wire drawing, heading, threading, heat treatment, electroplating, quality control to the final packaging. Its available manufacturing range includes dia. from 3.0mm to 10.0mm (inch size #4~5/16”) and length from 10mm to 250mm (inch size 1/2”~10”). 

   Main products of Viet-Screw are small screws made of carbon steel, which include drywall screws, chipboard screws, self-drilling screws, machine screws, tapping screws, concrete screws and customized screws (as per drawing). The significant role of Viet-Screw in the Linkwell Group is especially worth mentioning, as it links the other overseas manufacturing bases in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to create a fully integrated manufacturing supply chain in Southeast Asia. Its position is absolutely irreplaceable.

Keeping Steady Growth and Creating a Win-win Situation with Customers
Incepted as a trading company, Linkwell has now grown into a company having several manufacturing plants in Taiwan and other countries. Over the past 40 years, though experiencing upheaval of int’l politics, protectionism, fierce competition in the industry and reduction of profit margin, Linkwell continued to stick to the principle of “steady growth”, which made it successfully overcome the challenges from the global market and keep continuous growth. Thus far, the capacity of its plant in Vietnam has reached 600 metric tons per month, which is also expected to increase to 1,000 metric tons per month in the future. Moreover, Linkwell also expects to further improve its product quality and increase the added value of products in order to create a win-win situation for both Linkwell and its customers. Providing higher quality products at more competitive prices and a more complete range of service are what Linkwell has been always making effort to do.  


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