Germany-headquartered GOEBEL Introduces GO-LOCK Structural Rivets

GOEBEL Fasteners Inc., which has 7 operations in Europe, N. America and Latin America has recently released a new type of structural rivets, which the company called “the Champion of Structural Rivets.”

This new product made of Aluminum / Aluminum (ABA-GL), Steel / Steel (SBS-GL, SCS-GL) or Stainless / Stainless (IBI-GL) has the following attributes:
•Unique Locking Function
•Fully Sealed Joint that is Vibration Resistant
•High Shear and Tensile Values
•Great Hole Fill Capacity, Compensating for Irregular and Oversized Drill Holes.
•Very Versatile

It is available in sizes of 3/16”(4.8mm) and 1/4” (6.4mm) with the head styles of Dome Head (Protruding) or Countersunk (Flush) and can be applied in industries like automotive, truck & trailer, construction / steel frame systems, and many more.

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