Industry Activities
Despite the twenty years of activity, the growing path of Ambrovit S.p.A is unstoppable

Even more dealers of this area recognize Ambrovit as the baseline company for fasteners; this is a completely Italian reality which organizes with confidence its technological, commercial and trading evolution process.
Everything is possible also thank to the constant search for quality, one of the principle concepts on which Ambrovit industrial philosophy is based.
Ambrovit is particularly centred on the development and optimization of automated structures, so that its customers can join a timelier and more excellent service: this is a way to consolidate a firm and reliable co-operation.
Nowadays, Ambrovit has two automatic lines which supply the distribution processes in ten packaging places and sort items coming from warehouses; these are also automated and thank to a sophisticated and personalized program, products are picked up and sorted according to need.
However, an efficient technology would be nothing without a wide range of products ready for delivery - for all the domestic and foreign territory - and with a stock of bolts and screws so varied that it’s difficult to imagine it in its entirety.
The warehouse incudes a stock of 44.000 pallet places, where you can find 12.000 articles and 5.000 lines of daily picking, managed by 4 picking bays.
The description of products typology should be very long; in short, the macro-areas for bolts and screws are: carpentry at large, wood screws for furniture and wood major project, products aimed at project with iron, concrete, window frame at large – both aluminium and wood -, specific construction realized outside. Moreover, there is a wide range of sizes, finishing and galvanized treatments.
This massive structure enables to a productive capacity of orders fulfilment for 105 customers every day; this is possible thank to small boxes packaging with Bilwinco packing lines.
To sum up, the precise organization and employees create the main final purpose, the absolute priority for Ambrovit: to offer a rapid, punctual and high-quality service to the customer, making him always feel a leading feature in the business relationship.

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