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CHINMORE---The Vertically Integrated CNC Machined Parts Expert

by Konnor Lee, Fastener World


Founded in 1997, Chinmore Industry Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to the production of antennas and telecommunication products for more than 20 years. It offers a diverse range of products like RF antennas, FPC antennas, 2.4G antennas, 3G/4G antennas, GPS antennas, mini coaxial cables, arrestors, wireless LAN products, etc. In addition, for many years Chinmore has also offered automated CNC machining service, production & sales of components, and cable processing.


The requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2015 have been strictly abided by the plants of Chinmore. The products of Chinmore are mainly exported to Europe (e.g., Spain, Germany, Czech), followed by USA and Japan. Chinmore, paying much attention to vertically integrated production, has various CNC machining centers, automated CNC lathes, injection molding machines, crimping machines, automatic radio frequency cable, and wire peeling machines. All manufacturing procedures in the upstream/middle stream/downstream are integrated into its production line, so it is capable of manufacturing customized products specifically designed for customers in the quickest way. President Tim Wang said, “With our machines and the R&D of molds, we can definitely help customers design and manufacture customized telecommunication components based on their demanding industry sectors and applications.”


Major products of Chinmore are mainly applied in the global telecommunication market. As customers’ demand for supplies is changing, more creative 3C products are released, and customers prefer new stuff to old ones, the telecommunication market will need a supplier that can integrate different functions together, ship products batch by batch, reduce the inventory to the lowest level, make quick response, offer more selection in small lots, and achieve the lowest costs. Hence, Chinmore with a vertically integrated manufacturing system can survive such a fierce competition and keep growing further. 


Facing issues like low-priced products from China and counterfeits, Chinmore devotes itself to improving the quality of products. It carries out strict control from the very beginning such as order acceptance, manufacturing procedures, quality assurance & control, to full inspection, as well as “customer first” aftersales service, warranty, and trouble shooting. That is why Chinmore can earn good reputation among domestic and overseas customers.


Following the current trend of Industry 4.0, Chinmore’s production lines are 30% fully automated and 40% semi-automated. Chinmore has two assembly lines. One is for automotive telecommunication components and the other is for household telecommunication components.  With these CNC machines, Chinmore hopes to cooperate with more distributors, make breakthroughs in R&D of high-tech products, and offer the best aftersales service with quick delivery and excellent quality to make the plaques of Taiwanese CNC machined parts suppliers shine again. President Wang said with confidence in the interview, “If you’ve got a request for telecommunication components, Chinmore is your best choice.”

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