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NORMA Group Promotes Responsible Business with Suppliers
NORMA Group has developed a code of conduct for suppliers to ensure sustainable and ethical business practices. Beyond environmental aspects, the ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ also addresses social issues such as fair wages and occupational safety and health protection at their suppliers. Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group, explains, “As a manufacturer we are aware that we have a responsibility for the environment and society. Since we seek to continually improve our supplier relationships, we also want to promote responsible and social practices in our business environment.” NORMA Group also seeks to exclude the use of conflict minerals in production. Ores like cassiterite, coltan or wolframite are extracted in war zones in conditions that severely breach international law. The special ores are used in the metals industry, for instance as coatings for screws. Going forward, suppliers of NORMA Group will be reviewed to assess whether they comply with the principles of the code of conduct. NORMA Group will be entitled to discontinue the relationship if they do not comply. The criteria is based on international guidelines such as the UN Global Compact under which companies undertake to comply with social and environmental standards such as, for instance, the international environmental norm ISO 14001. In 2013, NORMA Group bought materials with a total value of about 269.4 million euros from suppliers. This corresponds to approximately 42.4% of group sales.
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