The Origin of Fastener World Inc.
“Bring the World’s Essence to Taiwan and Taiwan’s to the International Stage”, Fastener World has been standing by this motto and dedicated to facilitating the convenience in purchasing fasteners in Taiwan since it was established, and this belief will be everlasting. Over the past 30 years Fastener World has grown and witnessed the rapid development of Taiwan’s fastener exports. The export has risen within 30 years from 300 thousand to 1.6 million tons of fastener orders and even to 3 million including foreign Taiwan based companies’ orders. We are very proud of the results and grateful for what we have accomplished.

We started as an advertising agent for the global fastener, hardware and wire magazines. The next year we started the publication of “Fastener World” magazine and became an agent for international fastener and hardware exhibitions. When the first time we handed our magazine to foreign buyers and exchanged cards with them, we felt excited it felt like we had got orders for our clients. And nowadays we’ve finally brought international exposure to Taiwanese fastener industry through the continuous promotions in 30 exhibitions for the past 20 years.

Till now Fastener World has recorded more than 2.2 million searches and 20 thousand inquiries each month. Through PCs, IPADs and phones buyers will find it easy to search every seller’s products. With the goal of satisfying our Taiwanese peer’s needs, we set up “Fastener World Global Purchasing Website” since 1991. Additionally, we provide e-books, e-flyers, magazine deliveries and exhibitions to cast global spotlight on Taiwanese companies.

For the past 30 years Taiwan fastener industry accelerates dramatically and has developed from traditional manufacturing and supply chain management aspects to marketing platforms, integrations, branches offices, finance, management and investment. All we have to do is to put even more efforts and seek innovation to offer customers.

Looking at the future the global fastener trade will reach over 16 million tons and 90 billion USD of trade. The aerospace, national defense, automobile, machines, industrial equipment, houseware, engineering industries are the targets we should look at. Taiwan is undoubtedly the most mature fastener market for every foreign purchaser.

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