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Fastener Poland 2018- Joined by Fastener World and Over 30 Taiwanese Exhibitors Interested in E. European Fastener Market
Show Title

Fastener Poland

Date 2018/10/16-2018/10/18

Międzynarodowe Centum Kongresowo- Targowe EXPO Kraków

Frequency Annually
Keywords: Poland,Krakow Expo,East Europe,2018,Fastener World by Michael Wu, Fastener World

The second edition of Fastener Poland was held at International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow on Oct. 16 to 18. This was the first show particularly dedicated to fasteners held in central and eastern Europe. The scale of the exhibition was 93% bigger than last year due to the success of the last show. In addition, Krakow is also the most industrialized city in Poland. There were up to hundreds of exhibitors coming from 15 countries (including Belgium, Taiwan, the Czech Rep., Denmark, France, Germany, UK, India, Italy, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, USA and China). The exhibition was divided into 7 thematic exhibit areas, which were Industrial Fasteners and Fixings, Construction Fixings, Assembly and Installation Systems, Fastener Manufacturing Technology, Storage and Distribution and Factory Equipment, Services and Information.

According to the onsite observation of Fastener World’s correspondent, “Poland is one of the leading manufacturing countries in Europe and the local demand for automotive products is extremely high. In order not to miss the business opportunities in the supply chains of E. European market and in order to enhance promotion for Taiwanese fastener related companies, Fastener World also brought 31 Taiwanese companies to exhibit at the fair. These exhibitors were JI LI DENG, HOPLITE, BI-MIRTH, D&C, MIAO SEN, FRATOM, HOME SOON, FASTENER JAMHER, TAIWAN INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS INSTITUTE, KIND-AUSPICE, TUNG FANG, TOPIST, RAY FU, FRONTAL, KUO HSIAN, TSUNG YANG, CELEBRITE, H.K.C. RICH, WEI ZAI, MAO CHUAN, JAGULAR, ABLY, SANN MUO, CHIREK, MAUDLE, ND INDUSTRIES, CHITE, NOVA, YUNG MING, SPECIAL RIVETS and JOKER. ”

The organizer said that the next edition of Fastener Poland will be held again on Oct. 8 to 9, 2019.

For more information about global hardware, hand tools and fastener shows as well as suggestions about marketing and exhibiting, please contact Fastener World’s specialist for exhibitions, Ms. Tina Chen at foreign@fastener-world.com.tw

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Michael Wu, Editor

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