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Established: May-2015
Employees: 32 (Joint-venture manufacturing)
Quality System: ISO 9001
Products: Customized fastener / Assembly Component
Variable material: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, carbon,
alloy steel, high strength alloy, plastic, rubber
Application: Automotive, Medical, Food, Industrial machine or
equipment components
Successful international project: BMW, GM, FORD, Chrysler,
auto-assembly line

Link-Pro Tech is one supplier offering competitive price, good quality product, with efficient service & we also accept effective solution consultancy.
Just newly established in May / 2015 under ISO 9001 system in Tainan City, Taiwan, we understand customers’ demand and always bring in the developing projects with years of fastener / component experience in specific application.
Link-Pro Tech is already a qualified indirect automotive supplier for North America (GM, Chrysler & FORD), Europe (BOSCH, BMW), Japan (Nissan, Honda) mostly as tier 3/4. And our customized fasteners & assembly components with versatile material are recognized in the market with solid quality basis.
Our vision for the future is building stronger customer relationships, providing competitive price & continuously improving quality products, the goal is to have the excellent services to the customers, we will be better than the best.

 #1187-15, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan, 717
 +886-6-2900019 , +886-6-2900415
 +886-6-2900049 , +886-6-2900064
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