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Taiwan NO.1 Professional Metal Clips Maker Hsiung Jen, strives for MIT Values When one walks into the Hsiung Jen Industrial Co., Ltd., it is easy to observe the bright and clean working environment of the plant, overthrowing the stereotypes of traditional industries held by the general public. "Win the employees' heart as you lead. Treat your employees well to retain remarkable talents and that is what I value the most," said Allen Chen, President of Hsiung Jen. He insists that providing working conditions and environment recognized by the employees is the key to retain talents and maintain sustainable business to the company. Such business philosophy plus the strong R&D team of Hsiung Jen and support by Hänel Lean-Lift, an expensive automated storage system introduced from Germany, to develop deep and broad, diverse product lines in one integrated production line, thereby effectively control and enhance productivity for product quality and satisfy the existing market demand with the true MIT (Made in Taiwan) value and the reputable Taiwan No. 1. Potential R&D Team highly recognized by the industry Founded for over 30 years, Hsiung Jen was committed in the electronics industry earlier and transformed into the field of vehicle component development later. The company focuses on the design and manufacturing of high-quality clips, fasteners and clamps. The products are mainly made of carbon steel (S50C, S65CM, SK85M) and stainless steel (SUS301-CSP, SUS304-CSP, SUS631-CSP), with extensive application in the auto/vehicle lamps, air-conditioning, instrument panel, braking system, car door trims, and bumpers. Due to the robust technical capacity of the professional R&D team, the team is capable to design drafts based on the different needs of customers, assisting customers with product development. In addition, because of its strict demand for the component supply quality, the products manufactured by Hsiung Jen is highly recognized by the industry and has remained in some famous supply chains of auto/vehicle parts since years ago. The central plant delivers goods to the domestic markets including, Yulon Motors and KYMCO; and Honda and Proton car companies in Malaysia. The products are also widely used in cars from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, and GM. During this period Hsiung Jen has even been awarded by Malaysia Honda as the Best Supplier for many years, which shows the highly recognized quality and precise delivery of the company. Development of vehicle tension clamps with multiple patents When faced with increasingly intense market, Hsiung Jen continues to develop new products in order to meet the demand from domestic and international car companies, and meanwhile builds up competitive advantages. The strong clamps developed for vehicle high-tension beam pipes (jet engine) not only won the company multiple patents but are also approved by a number of major auto/vehicle oil supply system manufacturers. Chen stated that Hsiung Jen developed the only testing equipment for simulating the internal environment of dynamic pulse pressure in auto/vehicle high-tension beam pipes (jet engine) in Taiwan, to conduct real tests so that the products come from the continuous R&D, trials and modifications. Chen believes that under the future requirement of green trend, such new strong clamps could gradually replace the clamps used in old pipes. Moreover, Hsiung Jen upholds the philosophy of "Do only the best" by introducing many state-of-the-art multi-axis forming equipment from Japan, combined with manufacturing experiences and know-how design accumulated in the company, to strengthen the operations of multi-axis forming mechanism and thus improve the production efficiency, precision and quality stability of products. "The manufacturing technology of Hsiung Jen is transformed from traditional punching processing to automated multi-axis forming processing. During this transformation, we realized that only by providing stable quality and fast services are the fundamentals to the survival of the company." Chen further added that under a rapid transition of industries, only change of thoughts could help one break away from the conventional view and to find core values. Quality overweighs quantity Apart from implementing every link in ISO9001 quality management system, Hsiung Jen was specifically certified by the ISO/TS 16949 technical specification to automobile management system in 2007. "We have long emphasized on quality overweighing quantity. Customers with more rigid requirement become our niche." Chen pointed out that owing to the years of collaborating with Japanese car companies, Hsiung Jen has already absorbed the essence and management style for demanding quality. It is also capable to meet customers' needs in production output and relevant documents for PPAP (Production Part Approval Process). To carry out the objective in quality and to ensure high-quality supply of goods, Hsiung Jen has purchased multiple testing equipment including tensile testing machine, Salt Spray Testing machine, DeMeet 3D CNC image measurement instrument, Rockwell and Vickers hardness test instrument, 3D coordinate measuring machine, and clamp tension testing machine, to conduct overall quality control for customers. Hsiung Jen also fully utilizes batches management to thoroughly complete the "monitoring"  and "tracking" jobs. Future focus on European, American and Chinese markets For years, with the practical and stable operation style and the emphasis on low-cost, high-quality and high-productivity, Hsiung Jen's future sales territory will mainly focus on European, American and Chinese markets. "Next year, we will expand our sales ratio from 40% to 60% and meanwhile increase market share of these regions." Chen said that as long as Hsiung Jen faces Europe/American customers with the same attitudes towards Japanese car companies, achieving such objective will not be difficult at all. For the Chinese market, Hsiung Jen is optimistic about the massive market opportunities for auto/vehicle markets in China. Last year, Hsiung Jen set up sales office in Fujian Quanzhou and will set up another one in Shanghai in two years. In the future, taking Taiwan as the production base Hsiung Jen will conduct the two sales offices and timely enter the industry's supply chain to solidify the Chinese market and build the company's own path to blue ocean.

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