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Gofast is the top supplier of industrial fasteners and engineering components for worldwide OEM market since 1986. We are a professional organization constantly challenging market boundaries and searching for new solution to deliver to you the top quality products and impeccable services. This market-oriented approach has provided great added value and an improvement in efficiency for our customers. Our organization is certified not without reason for ISO9001-2008.

Our factory is certified for TS16949 since 2008. We are the premier externally threaded fastener manufacturer with capacity of diameter from M3 to M22 and length from 8mm to 300 mm. For almost 30 years in fastener industry, Gofast has been branched out to other major categories with our strategical factories to serve our customers’ needs. Categories such as cold forming with 2nd operations, open die, stamping, CNC, cold forging and assembly parts are also our core competence.

Our mission is not only to fulfill customers’ needs but also always be ahead of customers’ expectations. To meet your higher satisfaction and create a win-win benefit, it takes more than just a mission to succeed. It takes determination, courage and knowledge to overcome the challenges. That’s why at Gofast we’re committed to giving our customers our best every day !

For more information, please access our website www.gofast.com.tw The Gofast team is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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ISO-9001 , ISO/IEC-17025 , IATF16949
2017-03-28 Gofast will attend the Stuttgart Fastener Fair in Germany from 03/28 to 03/30. Out booth is located in Hall 5 stand number #2880.

2016-10-25 Gofast will attend the Las Vegas Fastener Expo in USA From Oct 25-27. Booth #3229

2016-04-11 Gofast will attend the Taiwan Fastener Show in Kaohsiung from April 11 to 13. Booth number #A2347. 
2015-10-22 Gofast will attend the Las Vegas Fastener Expo in USA from Oct 22-23, Booth Number #1740.

2015-03-10 Gofast will attend the Stuttgart Fastener Fair in Germany from 03/10 to 03/12. Out booth is located in Hall 8 stand number X81.

2014-10-22 Gofast management team will attend the Las Vegas Fastener Fair in USA from 10/22 t0 10/25. A series of private meetings have been set up in the Venetian hotel.

2014-09-30 Factory had expanded additional 18,000 sf of new production site. Total 25 sets of new heading/rolling machines were added into existing production capacity.

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ball stud,pivot pin,weld nut,housing,tubing,assembly part,socket,union nut,machining part,turning partGOFAST CO., LTD. 

* Cold heading & Second operatinos* Screw machined & CNC* Stamping* Wire form* Hot forging* Plastic & Nylon* Proximity switch parts

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