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Screw Excellency – Made in Taiwan
Founded in 1999 by Spencer Wu, Taikyu Co., Ltd. is an expert on the manufacturing of connecting components. With more than one decade of experience in the production of fasteners as well as the development of customized and high innovative coatings, Taikyu Co., Ltd. has become a well established and renowned company in Taiwan as well as Asia.
The company’s headquarter is situated in Southern Taiwan, close to the important seaport of Kaohsiung. Apart from our headquarter in Kaohsiung City and production facilities in whole Taiwan, Taikyu Co., Ltd. puts much stock on its international orientation. In recent years we opened branch offices in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China. We believe that thanks to subsidiaries in and around Taiwan, we can ensure top quality and satisfy the demands of our customer better. Our concept seems to be proven right, as we hold a total market share of 35% for constructional fasteners in Japan. This rapidly growth in market shares makes us to one of the most influential suppliers of connecting components in Asia and underlines our ambition to satisfy customers all over the world.
As one of the few companies in the fastening industry, we have the production capacity to execute all of the necessary productions steps by ourselves. This independence from external suppliers is advantageous out of two reasons:
We are able to guarantee you a constant immaculate quality as well as we can rule out delays in delivery.
One of our core competencies is our special surface treatment procedures, which are not only chrome-free and resistant to corrosion, but they are also in line with Japanese, American as well as European safety standards. As Taikyu Co., Ltd. offers its customers a wide and multifaceted range of products, our components are supplied to industrial sectors of all kinds. The lion share of products, however, is conceived for the construction sector. Our customers range from well renowned multinational enterprises to small sub-suppliers. No matter which size your company has, you can be ensured that we will not only meet, but even exceed your expectations.
Despite our expertise in the manufacturing of fasteners, our main focus is and will always be on you, our customer!
Apart from alluring prices, we guarantee you highly sophisticated products, whose size, design, color and coating can be customized according to your individual needs and preferences. This well-balanced combination of quality, price and customer orientation is the explanation for our success and your contentedness.

 No. 112, Jhongshan S. Rd., Lujhu Dist., Kaohsiung City 82151, Taiwan
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ISO-9001 , CE , JIS B 1125:2003
2017/10/18~19. We will attend "National Industrial Fastener  
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