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NO.43 Contents  
44 Your Choice for High Quality & Customization Power / Pneumatic Tools & Accessories Manufacturer - Novumtec
46 Malaysia's National Brand of Quality Anchor Bolt / Perforated Steel Band / U-Bolt - SYW Industry Sdn. Bhd.
42  Download Liege International - Providing Only High Quality Automotive Parts
  Company Focus
48  Download Shuh Yuan Industry - the Pioneer of Excellent Quality Clamps in Taiwan
  Cover Story
12  Download CHINMORE- the Vertically Integrated CNC Machined Parts Expert
74  Download Global Hardware Association News & 2017 Events Update
106  Download Selecting the Right Hose Clamp can Save Time/Costs ... Joe Cappello
122  Download Adopting Brushless DC Motors for Cordless Power Tools ... Anthony Kuo
124  Download Structures Security in Terms of Bolting ... Jozef Dominik
100  Download Fastener World Global Exhibition Footprints in H2 2016
104  Download Fastener World's Trade Show Plan (Mar-Aug 2017)
  Industry Focus
108  Download Global DIY Market, Fastening Tool and Hardware Wholesaling Industry ... Shervin Shahidi Hamedani
110  Download How Could the Regional Integration of ASEAN Benefit the Development of Fastening Tools & Metal Parts Industries in Southeast Asia? ... Behrooz Lotfian
112  Download The Current Development of Car Manufacturing Heartlands in ASEAN and Their Influence on Fastener Supply ... Sharareh Shahidi Hamedani
116  Download Calibration Cycles: Time vs Usage ,,, Larry Borowski
118  Download The Market Development of Taiwan’s Fastening Tools in the New Southbound Policy ... Arthur Hsu
126  Download The Importance of Controlling Joint Tightening ... Laurence Claus
129  Download Financial Results of Global Leading Hand Tool Companies
132  Download Fasteners and Related Hand Tool Trade Statistics in 2014-2016
76  Download Hardware World News
  Special Report
91  Download 2016 Design Awards Winners
95  Download Innovation Alley