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About Company

Sansoar Engineering Sales, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We are ISO 9001 certified and we pay very high attention on Quality Control, we inspect each production batch seriously before we arrange every shipment to our customer.

We supply different kinds of special parts all over the world including plastic parts, rubber parts, stamping parts, machine turning parts,..etc. We also provide a lot of assembly parts to our customers since we have our own warehouse which we can do the assembly and customized packing by our own.

Our principle is Stable QUALITY, Competitive PRICE, and Reliable SERVICE. We’ve attained the “one-stop” service goal which we provide services from customer’s new product inquiries, communication/ confirmation of the specification and any special requirements of the product, tooling design, manufacture, finish treatment, quality inspection, packaging, until the shipment. Sansoar Team always puts the best effort on each step, each detail on each order, even in small quantity. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: .

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Machine Parts

Precision Stamped Accessories

Precision Plastic Parts

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Machine Parts

Precision Stamped Accessories

Precision Plastic Parts

Special Washers

Fastener Kits

Stamped Parts

Plastic Washers

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Customized Special Screws / Bolts

Special Parts

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Plastic Screws

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Special Nuts

Special Rivets

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- assembly parts
- rubber and plastic parts
- rubber and plastic overmould with steel part
- machine turning parts
- stamping parts
- pipe flashings
- kits
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