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Hose Clamp Specialist, Wei Shiang Co., Ltd.- Multiple Overseas Patents & Clients Across 5 Continents

2019-02-18  |  Class : 工業零配件

by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World


History & Background

Founded in 1987, Wei Shiang is a specialized maker of various hose clamps and hardware. The owner, President Chen is an experienced expert who has manufactured hose clamps for more than 40 years. In his leadership, the company gradually becomes a major hose clamp maker in Taiwan and well-known worldwide. In 2000, it began to improve its production lines due to the market change and heightened competition. It replaced traditional equipment with automated machines and even refined molds and designs for providing high quality and stable products to clients across 5 continents in the world. In 2008 it finished setting up the current production line and inventory management. Today, Wei Shiang is a one-stop maker combining R&D, design, mold, production, quality control, inventory, packaging, purchase and marketing.


President Chen shared “The Persian Gulf War in 1990 and Financial Crisis in 2008 had a large impact on my company. For example, there were times we had clients who cancelled their orders, or there were times when we had to delay delivery. We took immediate action at that time. We cater to customers’ demand by adjusting our capacity and controlling inventory, and after everything was settled we offered more competitive prices and the shortest shipment time to satisfy market demand in the shortest timeframe. We are thankful for the support of loyal clients who regularly place orders to us, give us help when we need it and provide us with the newest market intelligence to help us grow stronger.”


Bestsellers: HF Hose Clamps with Strict Quality Control

“The popular products include HF-2101, HF-2202, and HF-2203 hose clamps made to American standards, and HF-3111 & HF-3118 hose clamps made to German standards,” said President Chen. “The American hose clamps are available in a variety of width and thickness for clients to choose from. The HF-3111 and HF-3118 series have no holes on the bands, and therefore, threads will not contact the hose. This feature is favored by our European clients.” Twenty years ago Wei Shiang was the first company in the industry to have refined the assembling structure of its hose clamps to increase quality and reduce costs, making itself a leader in the industry.


Wei Shiang constantly pursues quality and it invests enormous funds in refining equipment every year. Each product has to go through many inspections. For example, incoming raw materials will be tested for hardness, thickness and materials, and more focus will be on the torque test of the final products. The company strictly monitors quality to maintain competitiveness in the international market.


Multiple Overseas Patents & Future International Deployment

Currently Wei Shiang has acquired patents in Taiwan, China, Europe and Southeast Asia. These patents prove that its products are recognized by the world. “We are still actively developing other products and applying for other patents. We are doing this to show the world the competitiveness of Taiwan.”


Today, Wei Shiang’s global deployment covers many countries across 5 continents. Other than maintaining its current clients, the company is actively looking for other potential regions to develop. “There are many developing countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. These regions show very large demand for hardware and we are considering taking them into account to be our target markets in the future.”


Wei Shiang’s contact: Miss Wu


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